Switch-Mode Power Supply

TD RSP-BX-3000 SERIES – Switching Power Supply

3000 WATTS Switch-Mode Power Supply

The TD SRP-BX-3000 Series of rugged, AC-DC switching power supplies provides output power to 3000 watts. Rugged construction and superior quality makes this switching power supply ideal for harsh environment applications.  This switch-mode power supply is available in standard, modified or fully custom configurations, for industrial, mining, commercial, COTS, ruggedized and military applications. Please contact us for your free and comprehensive price quote.

TD RSP-1000 Series
3000 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TD RSP-BX-3000-12 12vdc 200A
TD RSP-BX-3000-24 24vdc 125A
TD RSP-BX-3000-28 28vdc 107A
TD RSP-BX-3000-48 48vdc 62A

Other voltage and current combinations are available, contact us for your exact needs.