Switching Power Supply – NNTDM SERIES

Switching Power Supply – NNTDM SERIES

  • High Efficiency Up to 90%
  • Rugged Construction
  • AC Input 100-132/180-264 VAC
  • Built In DC Fan for Cooling
  • OV, OL, OT Protection
  • DC Good Signals
  • Remote on/off & Remote Sense Functions
  • ±10% Voltage Adjust

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The NNTDM Series of “BULK” Power Rugged AC-DC power supplies provides highly regulated output power to 3kW. Rugged construction and superior quality makes this power supply ideal for harsh environment applications. Available in standard, modified or fully custom configurations for industrial, commercial, COTS, ruggedized and military applications. Contact us today for your free price quote.

1500 WATTS
Model #Output VoltageMax. Current 
NNTDM-5-3005vdc300A QUOTE
NNTDM-12-12512vdc125A QUOTE
NNTDM-15-10015vdc100A QUOTE
NNTDM-24-6224vdc62A QUOTE
NNTDM-28-5428vdc54A QUOTE
NNTDM-48-3148vdc31A QUOTE
NNTDM-110-14110vdc14A QUOTE
2000 WATTS
Model #Output VoltageMax. Current 
NNTDM-12-16612vdc166A QUOTE
NNTDM-15-13315vdc133A QUOTE
NNTDM-24-8424vdc84A QUOTE
NNTDM-28-7228vdc72A QUOTE
NNTDM-48-4248vdc42A QUOTE
NNTDM-110-18110vdc18A QUOTE
2500 WATTS
Model #Output VoltageMax. Current 
NNTDM-24-10424vdc104A QUOTE
NNTDM-28-8928vdc89A QUOTE
NNTDM-48-5248vdc52A QUOTE
NNTDM-110-22110vdc22A QUOTE
3000 WATTS
Model #Output VoltageMax. Current 
NNTDM-24-12524vdc125A QUOTE
NNTDM-28-10728vdc107A QUOTE
NNTDM-48-6248vdc62A QUOTE
NNTDM-110-27110vdc27A QUOTE

Other voltage and current combinations are available, contact us for your exact needs.



Input: Input Range (1500W) 90-132VAC/(2000-3000W) 180-264VDC 1Ø or 3Ø
Input Frequency: 47-63Hz (400Hz Optional)
Inrush Current: 30A at 115VAC/40A at 230 VAC (Cold Start)
Input Current: 1500W=24A, 2000W=16A, 2500W=20A, 3000W=24A
Efficiency: 83-90% Typical (Depending On Output Model)
Hold-up time: 20ms At Full Load (Minimum)
Leakage Current: <2.0mA maximum @ 240 VAC


Adjustment Range: ±10% (Minimum)
Minimum Load: None
Regulation: Line ± 0.5% Load ± 0.5%
Ripple/Noise: 200mV Peak To Peak Maximum (20 MHz)
Set Point Accuracy: ±1%(Except 5V=±2%) (Maximum)
Output Voltage Adj: ±10% Minimum
Overcurrent Protection: 105-125% Automatic Recovery Constant Current
Overvoltage Protection: 115-140% Of V1 Nominal

Overtemperature Protection Heatsink Temp. 90°C ± 5°C Auto Recovery


Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C. Derate to 50% at +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C Max
Cooling: Internal Ball Bearing DC Fan
Humidity: 20-90% RH Non Condensing
Weight: Approx: 12 Lbs
Size: 5” x 8” x 12.5”

  • Active PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Parallel Operation
  • 3 Phase Input
  • ORing Diode for Redundant Operation
  • Rack / Panel Mount
  • Ruggedized for shock & vibration
  • 400 Hz Operation
  • Conformal Coated



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