TDI Quality

Technology Dynamics Inc. is committed to the goal of maintaining its position as a Worldwide Leader in the Design and Manufacture of Switching Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters and DC-UPS Systems by providing nothing short of Quality Products and Services meeting or exceeding our customers’ current requirements and future expectations.

At Technology Dynamics Inc. we understand that Quality is essential to the company’s and our customers continuing success. We completely understand that this Quality level will only be achieved through the following results.

  • Total Quality Management where every Employee and Supplier is regarded as an essential part of the total process.
  • Endeavoring for an error free performance standard, based on prevention and a design and build it right the first-time mentality.
  • Implementing and maintaining a Quality System in compliance with ISO-9001 Standards.
  • Utilizing statistical data along with innovative technological developments within the company’s framework geared towards continuous Quality improvement.
  • Advancement of all personnel through high level training at all levels of the company’s operations.

The objective and expectation is for our customers to have nothing short of full confidence in Technology Dynamics Inc. and its products. Their satisfaction is the foundation to our mutual long-term development and success. This Quality comes from the efforts of each employee with support from all levels of management. Rest assured, Technology Dynamics Inc. its management and staff, are committed to the above philosophy and objectives and will strive to meet them each and every day.