Why Choose A Custom Power Supply?

A custom power supply is the right option if you need:

  • A special form factor to fit your system.
  • Rugged Design for Harsh Environment.
  • High Reliability.
  • Specific performance requirements.
  • Replacement for an obsolete product.
  • Unique Control & Communication

Advantages of a Custom Design:

  • It is designed, manufactured and tested to your exact requirements¬†rather than modifying your system design around an off-the-shelf unit which in the end may not be suitable.
  • Flexibility to optimize the overall electrical and mechanical design to fit your system.
  • Design Documentation.
  • One on one communication throughout the design process.
  • Tailored Testing to simulate final system operation.

Technology Dynamics Inc. can save you time and money on your Custom Power Supply design and deliver greater performance than the low cost offshore products. To accomplish this, the more information we have about the intended application, the better we can strike the right balance of performance and cost to meet your needs.