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Switching Power Supply

TCP SERIES – Switching Power Supply

400 Р1000 WATTS Switch-Mode Power Supply

The TCP Series is a compact, high power single output switching power supply. This unit is available in 400, 600, 800 & 1000 Watt versions with outputs ranging from 3.3VDC to 48VDC. Robust design makes them ideal for either commercial or harsh environment industrial applications. The TCP Series is available in ruggedized “COTS” versions for military applications. Please contact us for a comprehensive price quote.

This product is no longer available.

Please see TCD Series Power Supply as a replacement.

TCP Series
400 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TCP-3.3-80 3.3vdc 80A
TCP-5-80 5vdc 80A
TCP-12-34 12vdc 34A
TCP-15-27 15vdc 27A
TCP-24-17 24vdc 17A
TCP-28-14 28vdc 14A
TCP-36-11 36vdc 11A
TCP-48-8 48vdc 8A
600 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TCP-3.3-100 3.3vdc 100A
TCP-5-100 5vdc 100A
TCP-12-50 12vdc 50A
TCP-15-40 15vdc 40A
TCP-24-25 24vdc 25A
TCP-28-21 28vdc 21A
TCP-36-16 36vdc 16A
TCP-48-12 48vdc 12A
800 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TCP-12-66 12vdc 66A
TCP-15-53 15vdc 53A
TCP-24-33 24vdc 33A
TCP-28-28 28vdc 28A
TCP-36-22 36vdc 22A
TCP-48-16 48vdc 16A
1000 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TCP-24-41 24vdc 41A
TCP-28-35 28vdc 35A
TCP-36-27 36vdc 27A
TCP-48-20 48vdc 20A

Other voltage and current combinations are available, contact us for your exact needs.

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