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Technology Dynamics Inc. as over 40 years’ experience in providing Power Conversion solutions for the most challenging Military and Marine environments. Our products are a vital part of Military Warships, Coast Guard Vessels, Tug Boats, Work Boats, Reconnaissance Ships, and Oceanographic Equipment around the world. Designed and tested in all forms of Military environments Technology Dynamics Inc. designs, manufactures and tests high-performance AC-DC Switching Power supplies, Military Shipboard applications


Our Products Meet The Highest Levels Of Military Specifications Including:


  • Hard Mounted (Bulkhead or Deck)
  • Rack Mounted (Hard-Mounted Or Shock Isolated)
  • Single Or Three-Phase Ship’s Power Input Full MIL Spec Qualified Designed To Meet, High MTBF
Shipboard Power Supply Brochure
Shipboard Power Supply Brochure
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