Technology Dynamics Inc. Adds Jasper Electronics To Its Portfolio!

Technology Dynamics Inc. Adds Jasper Electronics To Its Portfolio!

Technology Dynamics, Inc. has now added Jasper Electronics to its portfolio. Jasper is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of specialized and custom advanced power supplies ranging from 5W to 10,000W for a wide range of applications including Traffic Control power supplies and PDAs, Compact PCI, modular and rack mount switchers, fanless conduction / convection cooled power supplies, and external medical power supplies / adapters.

The traffic control supplies are fully compliant to the relevant State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) Transportation Electrical Equipment Specification (TEES) for use in Caltrans TEES 332, 334, 336, 342, 344, and 346 Series cabinets. Jasper also offers compliant units for use in Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) High Voltage cabinets, state of the art Traffic Intersection Control Systems, modern LED road signs, and other related applications. Other supplies are in high demand in the nuclear, security, and medical industries. Jasper specializes in modifying its standard products for unique customer applications, and has multiple production facilities both in the US and the far east.

The addition of Jasper’s unique niche power supplies and its engineering prowess to the TDI family further entrenches the company’s leadership position as the most diverse, vertically integrated manufacturer in the industry! For more information:

Jasper Electronics

1580 N. Kellogg Drive
Anaheim, CA 92807


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