Available in Standard, Modified and Fully Custom configurations

Technology Dynamics Inc. introduces the new TTST-5000 Series of High DC Input Voltage DC-DC Converters. The TTST Series boasts an input range of 375-420 VDC, making these units ideally suited for Harsh Industrial, Railway, Military, Automation, Specialty Vehicle, Scientific, and Telecom applications. Standard outputs include 24VDC, 28VDC, 36 VDC & 48VDC with output power up to 5000 Watts. Other voltage and current combinations are also available including fully Custom Configurations designed to your exact specifications. The TTST Series is loaded with standard features including High Efficiency, Full Isolation, Low Noise & Ripple, Remote On/Off, Tight Regulation, OV/OL/OT Protection, and Rugged Construction. If you’ve got power requirements, we have the solution – contact us today for details!