Switching Power Supply

HPRM SERIES РSwitching Power Supply

10kW Switching Power Supply

The HPRM Series is a rack mount, bulk power, 10kW, programmable switching power supply. Since its introduction the HPRM has evolved into one of the most reliable, compact, high performance switching power supplies available. It features excellent performance in demanding high current applications such as RF amplifiers, DC motors and Magnetic Coils. The many standard features make it an excellent choice for both OEM and laboratory applications. Please contact us for your comprehensive price quote.

10kW Switching Power Supplies HPRM Series photo
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
HPRM-28-350 28vdc 350A
HPRM-48-200 48vdc 200A
HPRM-120-83 120vdc 83A
HPRM-250-46 250vdc 46A