25 – 150 WATTS

Technology Dynamics Inc. designs, develops and manufacturers standard, semi-custom and custom DC-DC converters.
Technology Dynamics Inc. as an industry leader in distributed power applications produces a wide range of DC-DC conversion products for Commercial, Industrial and Military applications. These DC-DC Converter products are used extensively by OEMs and system integrators for diverse applications in the communications, computing, storage, business systems, test and measurement, instrumentation, and industrial equipment

DC DC Converter TSD Series
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TSD-25A-5 5vdc 5A
TSD-25A-12 12vdc 2.1A
TSD-25A-24 24vdc 1.1A
TSD-25B-5 5vdc 5A
TSD-25B-12 12vdc 2.1A
TSD-25B-24 24vdc 1.1A
TSD-25C-5 5vdc 5A
TSD-25C-12 12vdc 2.1A
TSD-25C-24 24vdc 1.1A
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TSD-50A-5 5vdc 10A
TSD-50A-12 12vdc 4.2A
TSD-50A-24 24vdc 2.1A
TSD-50B-5 5vdc 10A
TSD-50B-12 12vdc 4.2A
TSD-50B-24 24vdc 2.1A
TSD-50C-5 5vdc 10A
TSD-50C-12 12vdc 4.2A
TSD-50C-24 24vdc 2.1A
100 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TSD-100B-5 5vdc 20A
TSD-100B-12 12vdc 8.5A
TSD-100B-24 24vdc 4.2A
TSD-100C-5 5vdc 20A
TSD-100C-12 12vdc 8.5A
TSD-100C-24 24vdc 4.2A
TSD-100D-5 5vdc 20A
TSD-100D-12 12vdc 8.5A
TSD-100D-24 24vdc 4.2A
150 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TSD-150B-12 12vdc 12.5A
TSD-150B-24 24vdc 6.3A
TSD-150C-12 12vdc 12.5A
TSD-150C-24 24vdc 6.3A
TSD-150D-12 12vdc 12.5A
TSD-150D-24 24vdc 6.3A

Other voltage and current combinations are available, contact us for your exact needs.