Technology Dynamics Inc. Designs, Manufacturers and Tests all of Our Custom AC-DC Switching Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters and DC-UPS Systems here in the USA. When a Custom Commercial, Industrial or Military Power Conversion System is needed, the first company everyone call is Technology Dynamics Inc. With over 42 years of “Design Excellence”, you can be sure you are getting the most reliable product on the market to date, on time and on budget. We don’t meet your requirement, we exceed it. Contact Technology Dynamics Inc. for your Custom AC-DC Power Supply needs.



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When Lockheed Martin needed a reliable harsh environment redundant power supply for their Ground Based Radar Vehicle EQ-36/53 they contacted Technology Dynamics Inc. Having years of experience in Rugged Power Supply design, it was quite easy to modify an existing design and customize it to meet Lockheed Martin’s exact requirements. The Custom AC-DC Power Supply operates from a Universal AC Input and provides 28 VDC @ 3000 Watts in redundancy. The custom unit is housed in a standard 19” Rack mount enclosure and is loaded with standard features including, elapsed time meter, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protections, high reliability fans, circuit breakers and additional EMI Filtering. This AC-DC Switching Power Supply is designed to meet the harsh environments found in Military Vehicle applications including MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-1275. Each module and system is fully tested and burned-in prior to shipment ensuring complete customer satisfaction. See what you really need, contact Technology Dynamics Inc. for all you Custom AC-DC Power Supply needs.


Photographs are only meant to be representative of the actual application.

When Joy Global needed a Rugged Harsh Environment Power Supply for their In Ground Miner, they turned to Technology Dynamics Inc. Joy Global is the leading manufacturer of Mining Machinery in the world and if their mining equipment is not producing their customers are not happy. Having to pull equipment out of a mine is time consuming and costly, that is why Joy Global selected our Ruggedized AC-DC Switching Power Supplies because they can stand up to the worst environments possible and keep operating year in and year out. With thousands of our units in mines all over the world, Joy Global is confident that their customers can rely on reliable operation of their equipment the first time, every time. Technology Dynamics Inc. manufactures and broad range of Custom AC-DC Power Supplies in single and multiple output configurations. With our In-House Sheet Metal facility we can provide any type of custom enclosure for your application in as little as a few weeks. Don’t get stuck in a hole, we have what you need.


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COMARK Communications is a highly specialized company with more than 40 years of continuous manufacture and experience in the field of high power RF Technology. The company has traditionally been in the design and development of solid state and tube type high power broadcasting transmitters, systems and components. Many years ago Comark sought out Technology Dynamics Inc. to design a High Power 28 Volt Custom AC-DC Power Supply System for use in their premier line of Transmitters. We answered the call with a state of the art High Reliability, Custom AC-DC Power Supply Hot Swap Redundant Rack System that is still in use today. The NTDM-Hot Swap AC-DC Custom Rack Mount Series provides a continuous highly regulated 28 Volt output and is the corner stone of a series of products available in our Hot Swap family. Available in package sizes from 1U through 10U and power levels exceeding 50KW, we have the right power level and output voltage for your application. All Custom AC-DC Power Supplies are available in Standalone, Rack Mount or Wall Mount configurations. Change the channel on your old power supplies, contact us for your exact needs.


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When American Signal needed a reliable Harsh Environment AC-DC Custom Power Supply for their
Electronic Messaging Traffic Signs they immediately came to Technology Dynamics Inc. American Signal Company is a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of programmable changeable message sign products, both stationary and portable, suited to a variety of informational and traffic control applications having to operate in extreme temperatures. Additionally, AMSIG manufactures signs, signals, and systems for traffic control and congestion mitigation. Changeable message signs while manufactured with individual and unique features share a common item, Technology Dynamics Inc. Rugged Custom AC-DC Power Supply. This commonality assures that the quality and cost effectiveness are never compromised regardless of which AMSIG product is in the field providing vital information to the moving public. All Technology Dynamics Inc. power products conformal coating of all electronics and fan filters ensuring years of worry free operation in outdoor environments. American Signal relies on Technology Dynamics Inc. for their AC-DC Custom Power Supply needs, don’t get stopped with poor quality, go with us.


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When the builders of High Speed Fire & Rescue/Patrol Boats needed a Marine Grade High Reliability Custom Power Supply, they knew who to call, and that was Technology Dynamics Inc. Our product line of Rugged Custom AC-DC Power Supplies are ideal for Marine applications such as the Firestorm High Speed Fire & Rescue boat. Heavy Conformal Coating & Ruggedization make them ideal for all marine internal vessel applications. When you need to worry about saving lives it’s good to know you don’t have to worry about your power supply! With the flexibility of mounting all our Custom AC-DC Power Supplies in a wall mounted enclosures, they are easily bulkhead mounted in cabin or below deck. In addition to protecting and serving our country, our products can be found on luxury yachts, tugs and sport fishing vessels providing reliable power for lighting, communication and navigation here at home and around the world. From bays, inlets and the seven seas, when you need a marine grade Custom AC-DC Power Supply, sail on over to Technology Dynamics Inc.


Photographs are only meant to be representative of the actual application.

In Toronto as in all major cities, everyone who rides the rails wants safe and reliable transportation that is why Toronto Transit relies on Technology Dynamics Inc. for their Custom Power Supply needs. Maintenance cars are a vital part of Toronto’s transit systems. These vehicles clean walls, collect garbage, grind track and do all sorts of other work designed to keep the subway a safe and pleasant place to travel during the day. Technology Dynamics Inc. Custom Power Supplies provide power to vital electronics to keep these maintenance cars running smoothly. Designed for harsh environments which include shock and vibration found in rail requirements, the NTDM Series of Custom AC-DC Power Supplies provide reliable power day after day. In addition to Toronto Transit, Technology Dynamics Inc. Custom AC-DC Power Supplies can be found in rolling stock and yard control and maintenance for SEPTA, Amtrak and LIR to name just a few. When you need reliable AC-DC Custom Power Supplies get on board with all the other customers who contact Technology Dynamics Inc.

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