Battery Back-Up Rugged & Military Power Supplies

Battery Back-Up Rugged & Military Power Supplies

TD RSP-BX-3000 SeriesTechnology Dynamics Inc. Bergenfield, NJ announces the new TD RSP-3000-BX Series of Rugged, Harsh Environment Power Supplies. This unit is designed for applications found in Mining, Industrial Equipment and “COTS” Military programs. Output voltages ranges include 5VDC up to 48VDC with power levels from 1000 – 3000 Watts. Can be easily modified for commercial grade applications. Available with internal ORing diodes make them ideal for Parallel or Redundant (N+1) requirements. Contact us for you exact needs.

Features Include:

* Universal Input (90-264VAC) Depending On Power Level

* Compact Size

* Shock Mounts For High Shock/Vibration

* Conformal Coating For High Humidity

* Heavy Duty Output Terminations

* Remote Inhibit

* Rugged Construction

Available Options:

* Custom Mounting Configurations

* Internal ORing Diode

* Parallel/Redundant Operation

* 400Hz Operation

PRICING: As low as $3,950 in production quantities.

DELIVERY: In stock for immediate delivery.

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