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“Relativity, gravitation, and relativistic rotation: clarifying some paradoxes of relativity at the Extreme”

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MAIN SUBJECTS: Dynamics • Rotation • Gravitation • Relativity • Relativistic velocities • Gravity • Astrophtsics • Rotating

AUTHOR: Netsivi Ben-Amots ( about Netsivi Ben-Amots)

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• Relativistic rotation
• Relativistic astrophysics
• Relativistic astronomical jets
• Thick accretion disks
• Gravitational energy relativity
• Variable rest mass
• Bounceback of supernova
• Set of Sub-Bohr electron orbitals
• Quasars energy source
• Structure of quasars
• AGN energy source

• Structure of AGN
• Relativity without singularity
• Relativity without black hole
• No black hole
• No big bang
• Baryonic dark matter
• No acceleration of expansion of the Universe
• No dark energy
• No equivalence between gravity and rotation
• Efficient accumulation of energy
• Exponential gravity

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Netsivi Ben-Amots