Switching Power Supply

TCD-1K SERIES – Switching Power Supply

1200 – 2000 WATTS Switch-Mode Power Supply

The TCD Series is a compact, high power single output switching power supply. This unit is available in 1200, 1500 & 2000 Watt versions with outputs ranging from 5VDC to 48VDC. Robust design makes them ideal for either commercial harsh environment industrial applications. The TCD-1K Series is available in ruggedized “COTS” versions for military applications. Please contact us for a comprehensive price quote.

TCD-1K Series
1200 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TCD-1K2-05 5vdc 200A
TCD-1K2-12 12vdc 100A
TCD-1K2-15 15vdc 80A
TCD-1K2-24 24vdc 50A
TCD-1K2-28 28vdc 42A
TCD-1K2-48 48vdc 25A
1500 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TCD-1K5-05 5vdc 150A
TCD-1K5-12 12vdc 125A
TCD-1K5-15 15vdc 100A
TCD-1K5-24 24vdc 62A
TCD-1K5-28 28vdc 53A
TCD-1K5-48 48vdc 31A
2000 WATTS:
Model # Output Voltage Max. Current
TCD-1K9-05 5vdc 200A
TCD-1K9-12 12vdc 166A
TCD-1K9-15 15vdc 133A
TCD-1K9-24 24vdc 83A
TCD-1K9-28 28vdc 71A
TCD-1K9-48 48vdc 41A

Other voltage and current combinations are available, contact us for your exact needs.