When Joy Mining needed a Rugged Power Supply for their Continuous Miner developed to meet the high productivity requirements of today’s underground mining industry they sought out Technology Dynamics and their TCP Series of power supplies to provide them with a extremely durable unit that can withstand the harsh environments found during “In Ground” mining. In today’s economic times, down time during mine operation

is not an option. Thousands of dollars are lost when the “in hole” equipment is not producing. Stepping up to the challenge, Technology Dynamics Inc. used its expertise in Military Grade products to develop our Ruggedized “COTS” TCP product line. The result is a High Reliability product priced for the Industrial Marketplace. Technology Dynamics Inc. continually meets the challenges of today’s most demanding applications. Whether it is in the air, on the ocean, above the ground or below, Technology Dynamics Inc. products are built to last and the product of choice for both Industrial and Military applications.