Developed specifically for Ground Mobile Military applications, Technology Dynamics Inc. was tasked to develop a High Reliability 28VDC 1500Watt Rugged portable power source. Robust in design standing up to the challenge of front line usage, this unit is currently in use by NATO forces internationally. Technology Dynamics Inc. Rugged, Lightweight design and portable enclosure, coupled with proven reliability, make this

unit ideal for any Harsh Environment Portable Power Military applications. These units are especially designed for use in ground vehicles, working from vehicle power, generator power or AC where available. These units can be either mounted within vehicles or easily hand-carried by Military personnel. Read More These models also contain key features, including wide temperature operation, extensive EMI filtering, heavy-duty input circuit breakers, and additional Ruggedization against shock, vibration, and humidity. Technology Dynamics Inc. has developed a full line of 28VDC products ranging from 50 Watts to power levels in excess of 50KW in stand alone or Rack Mount configurations. Contact Technology Dynamics Inc.for your exact needs.