COMARK Communications is a highly specialized company with more than 40 years of continuous manufacture and experience in the field of high power RF Technology. The company has traditionally been in the design and development of solid state and tube type high power broadcasting transmitters, systems and components. Many years ago Comark sought Technology Dynamics Inc. to design a High Power 28 Volt Hot Swap Redundant Power

Supply System for use in their premier line of Transmitters. We answered the call with a state of the art High Reliability, Hot Swap Redundant Rack System that is still in use today. Read More The NTDM-Hot Swap Rack Mount Series provides a continuous highly regulated 28 Volt output and is the corner stone of a series of products available in our Hot Swap family. Available in package sizes from 1U through 10U and power levels exceeding 50KW, we have the right power level and output voltage for your application. Contact us for your exact needs.